Energy futures, environment and well-being

Naples (Italy), 25-28 September 2017

Among the themes of the workshop, for which it is possible to submit an abstract:

  • Energy, environment and well-being
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy futures
  • Social transition and global environmental change
  • Sustainability
  • Environmental constraints
  • Energy metabolism
  • Energy costs of water management
  • Energy and mobility
  • Waste management (energy costs and potential energy conversion)
  • Food and commodity chains
  • Cleaner production and appropriate resource management
  • Innovative Energy Systems
  • Energy supply and use (heat, electricity)
  • Photovoltaic electricity – promise, limits and potential
  • Energy “network science” to measure social and ecological resilience and systemic health
  • Integration of assessment methods
  • Circular economy patterns. Integration of city activities and sectors for optimum energy use
  • Sustainable finance
  • Financing cleaner energy infrastructures and patterns
  • Energy policies
  • Information and communication tools and networks for energy savings
  • Decision making tools
  • Urban stakeholders participatory strategies