The event

The BIWAES series started in 1998. The 9th edition was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in the year 2015, in collaboration with KTH and the Italian Institute of Culture “C.M. Lerici”.

Since 1998, the Workshop was organized in Italy (4 times), Brazil, Austria, Spain, India, Sweden.

This series of Workshops aims at sharpening scientific focus and building a critical mass and collaborative network among scientists researching energy and energy related environmental and economic issues. The goal is gaining new momentum in these years as societal attention once again shifts toward policy debates concerning sustainable use of resources, in particular energy and its relationship to the economies of humanity, development, climate.

The Workshop will bring together the world’s best intellectual skills and talents with the aim to perform a critical assessment of the difficult problems of environmental security and development of energy technologies suitable to meet the increasing world energy demand in the next decades, with special focus on urban systems.  In addition, this Workshop will address the technological, financial, legal and institutional barriers to a transition to an economy characterized by energy efficiency, increased use of renewable energies, increased matching of supply with use quality, globalization of energy market, higher security of energy supply as well as increased safety of energy generation facilities, transportation devices, energy use.