Workshop Format

More than a traditional Conference, the Workshop is intended as a broad discussion and collaboration venue among natural and social scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs, environmentally and socially concerned stakeholders and their organizations.

The number of participants is purposefully kept below 100 units, in order to promote and develop very interactive and productive working sessions, towards agreed upon conclusions and recommendations for urban energy policy.

The goal is to leave enough time for the presentation of innovative points of view, accompanied by opportunities for exhaustive discussion and integration by participants. Plenary sessions will be integrated by discussion, thematic panels, working groups, interactive posters sessions. Special attention is placed to the possibility for young researchers to contribute and interact.

In so doing, the event is at the same time a high level symposium aimed at reaching an updated understanding of the present energy situation and future perspectives in urban systems and a productive exchange of methods, knowledge and information among researchers, policy makers, managers, and stakeholders.

In the past editions this participatory structure translated into increased networking among experienced and young scientists, implementation of new collaborative links, submission of projects to Institutions and agencies for funding, increased mobility of young scientists towards prestigious universities and research centers.

As always, the Workshop will be concluded by the approval of a “state of the art and priorities” document, to address the hottest topics and suggest pathways for future research and energy policies.